Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'll start with some advice. Do not go to Maharani if you're in a fight with your significant other. We tried it- BIG mistake. Amusing to look back on but totally unfair for the restaurant. We have been there before (peacefully) but for some reason some small argument seemed to escalate and linger over our garlic naan, mango lassis and curry. OOPS. (in case you're wondering, we totally made up the second we left- perfect timing I know).

We have frequented all of the Indian restaurants in Madison (that we know of) and while I have nothing really negative to say about any of them I will say that they all feel kind of the same. Buffet of assorted Indian specialities and classics (for instance-samosas, which are a real highlight for me), kind of awkward service, attentive filling of the water glasses, and a bit on the pricey (overpriced?) side. I guess I would give Maharani a bit of an edge because of its location- very close to the capital- and most of the other Indian restaurants are a bit out there (though, Flavor of India is one exception). Check out some of the reviews they have on their website- I could get behind most of those comments but I wasn't inspired enough to get all crazy.

Sometimes you just want Indian food- and so Maharani is a great option if you're in the mood. Nice convenient location, buffets at lunch (and brunch on the weekends), and a overly animated websites (seriously, go check it out).

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