Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steenbock's on Orchard

Hearing that a new restaurant opened up on campus didn't really excite me all that much. I mean, I think I was burned pretty bad by the horror that was the old Union South. However, Steenbock's is in the new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and it The whole building is amazing- serene, modern, water everywhere. The instant I walked inside I wanted to hang out forever.

Anyway, that's all about the WID and not the restaurant. Steenbock's on Orchard is bringing a whole new level of class to that part of campus. We went during restaurant week (which is probably our favorite week of the year) and so with three courses (well, six with the two of us) we feel as though we got a good sense of the potential. The food was excellent- fresh, local. Which in this town is almost a given I suppose. Apparently they make their own jams and cure their own meats which is pretty groovy. It's light, lots of windows, super tall ceilings and you can easily hear all those water fountains and displays as you sit, relax, and eat a good meal. Between the two of us we tried salad, soup, sandwich, pasta, chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake. Yah, this place knows us well.

It is seriously nice to have a place like this in the south/west part of campus- especially partnered with the fabulousness that is the new union south. It's a new happenin hot spot!

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