Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tutto Pasta

Our very first restaurant experience in Madison was Tutto Pasta, the day we arrived in August 2005. After a long hot day of moving and unpacking, Bob's parents took us out for Italian.

Now here's where you have to remember that we had recently moved from the Boston area. And if was any place that could do Italian food (outside of our native Cleveland suburb) it was the North End. Expectations were pretty high. Besides, growing up where we did, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen or so little italian ladies who could cook circles around you.

But it was a hot day and any place with air conditioning met our expectations. Bread and wine arrived and were devoured instantaneously. Entrees arrived and were tasty but HUGE. if anyone has actually been to Italy they would notice that Italians do not eat 2 lbs of pasta in a single setting. Anyway, we enjoyed the meals- good flavor, menu had great variety and staff was friendly and pleasant. Not too high on the wow factor but it was a good way to start our culinary journey.

the bottom line: it's a fine restaurant with fairly traditional italian cooking and we bet you'll enjoy it (unless it's really crowded then we'll bet you find overhear lots of personal information from the people sitting (practically) on your laps).

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