Monday, May 31, 2010


Sometimes, no matter what you eat at a restaurant or even how much you eat, nothing can overshadow one really spectacular dish. And at Husnu's that's the hummus. It was so memorable, and smooth, and had the perfect kick.

But in general, Husnu's is a fabulous restaurant. It claims to be a Turkish and Mediterranean blend of tasty goodness. And it is. We've eaten their several times in the 5 years we've lived in Madison and it just doesn't disappoint. Options for meat eaters and herbivores alike, the spices and flavors really stay with you (oh, did I mention the hummus?). The cultural comfy-ness also stays with you as you feel at home but also as if you're not in Kansas anymore.

The location is perfect- lower State street, fantastic outdoor seating in nice weather. Also, apparently it was Madison's first Turkish restaurant (and unless I'm missing something; it's only Turkish restaurant?)

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