Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunprint Cafe

Here it is. Another not so great review. I just can't get behind Sunprint Cafe as much as I want to. It has all the elements of a good lunch spot. It's right off the square, just down the street from work, and the dining room is surrounded by windows looking out on the streets and the capital. Plus, they cater and have delivered to work on a few occasions for meetings. And that is quite convenient.

BUT, not only is it pretty overpriced- the food is just "ok." I don't mind paying more for some food in the capital area, but this is over the line. I've gotten this strawberry salad more than once (I'm not sure why) and the dressing is SO sweet I can't even eat it. And I LOVE sugar. Like, a lot. I've also gotten several sandwiches- a turkey pesto panini, a ham apple panini and a southwestern turkey burger. And often, their special is a quiche which I have selected more than once. All have been fine- but lacking a wow factor. I have had success with their "express" lunch line- getting a pre made sandwich or salad, some yogurt and a snapple and taking it out to eat on the grass or picnic tables near my office. So, there's that.

Perhaps Sunprint is a victim of being within spitting distance of some truly incredible restaurants and I'm giving it an unfair comparison but....that's life.

Someday, I will try their breakfast and give a more comprehensive review.

I like the food, I don't love it. It's pretty good, not great. It's not insanely expensive, but still overpriced. That's all folks.

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