Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monty's Blue Plate Diner

I love diners. And so, it would stand to reason that I would love Monty's. Plus, the last time we went we ate at the counter on stools. How diner-y is that?! So, that part was great though in general, I have to admit that Monty's is a little over rated. People in this town rave about it and while I can't quite work myself into a frenzy over this place I do think it's a solid (and unique) Madison food experience.

The menu is super diverse ranging from mac n cheese to salads to vegan sandwiches to breakfast burritos (yes, they serve breakfast all day) to plain old burgers (which really, are anything but plain or old). Usually I am annoyed when a restaurant tries to do too much with the menu. Just pick what you are good at and make that reallllyyyy good. However, I think Monty's pulls it off pretty well.

Bob always gets the Heathen Vegan which apparently is delicious. I try to mix it up a little and this last time ordered a hot chocolate (which came with a tower of whipped cream. seriously, a tower), the mediterranean plate (which Bob and I split) and something off the "local" menu- beet salad with apples, goat cheese, and walnuts. I was most excited about the concept of a local menu and I NEVER pass up the opportunity to order a beet salad. I am drawn to beet salads like a magnet. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by it (a word of caution- I am super picky about my beet salads and because I've had a million of them, it takes a lot to measure up to the truly great ones). The beets were slightly undercooked and the dressing lacked a little flavor. I did enjoy the goat cheese crustini but I think I would have preferred the cheese IN the salad not on a piece of bread next to the salad. I totally sound snobby now so I will stop.

The mediterranean plate was great- hummus had "stuff" in it- like carrots- which we liked and the tabouli was a tasty complement. The only thing I regret is that it was too much food and we couldn't finish everything- portions are pretty sizeable here.

Overall I will say that the food was good (if not a little overpriced) and we will certainly go back. Plus, it's part of Food Fight Inc and you kinda can't go wrong with those guys.

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