Monday, April 25, 2011

Cranberry Creek Cafe

Working downtown has its advantages. There are a lot of options for lunch but when the weather is nice I really enjoy walking over to Cranberry Creek Cafe, grabbing some fruit salad and whatever-entree-of-the-day they have cooked up and heading outside to sit on the capital lawn or on the picnic tables in front of my office building. Cranberry Creek puts its menu online so you can choose which day will be best for eating out and that has really helped this obsessive organizer plan out the week.

There are always soups, vegetarian and meaty, salads (pasta, fruit, etc), and usually some kind of lasagna, baked meat of some sort, or my favorite, mac and cheese. It's made daily and you can tell. It's also very tasty and very fresh and best of all- very affordable. The staff are really friendly and always helpful. They never push anything on you (like those giant rice krispie treats need pushing) and overall it's a quick, efficient experience. I get the feeling that there are a lot of regulars who go in there for lunch- perhaps one day I can stroll in, ask for my "usual" and stroll out feeling special.

I gotta say- it's nice to have a high quality, grab and go lunch place nearby.

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