Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taste of Madison

Ok, so we had to debate whether Taste of Madison counts as a "restaurant." We also debated if we could count food sampled from a new restaurant as eating at that restaurant. I think we decided no...but still wanted to blog about the Taste and since we did it last year, we are justified!

We just love the taste. Betsy's parents are often in town over labor day so it has become a little bit of a tradition for the four of us.

With over 80 restaurants serving small tastes of some of their specialities, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars and eat your weight in food. We paced ourselves and tried food from probably 7-8 different restaurants.....mostly desserts.

With a chocolate chip cookie dough egg roll (I remembered these from last year), a frozen piece of cheesecake dipped in chocolate, deep fried cheese curds, mango gelato, jerk pork, falafel wrap, a beignet (see, I told you we had a lot of desserts), and a chicken stuffed jalapeno, we were pretty happy. Though, I was desperate for an empanada from Caracas but sadly, they were sold out by the time we worked our way through the crowd.

Great food, great fun! Though, the music stages are annoying. Maybe we're old?

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