Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crema Cafe

Bob here.

I cannot walk to the Crema Cafe from my house. It would even be a longish bikeride, along not-necessarily bike friendly roads. This separates it from most restaurants in Madison. But aside from proximity to my house, Crema distinguishes itself with delicious, delicious sandwiches. You can check out their menu online, but I had the aptly named ArtiMelt. It's true, it contains artichokes, but it's also artisan, in the sense that it's crafted by skilled sandwich artists.

But hold the phone, you say, there's so much else on the menu. There's breakfast and "supper," deserts, and coffee. All true. And while I've only tried the ArtiMelt, the breadth of the food contributes to the informal atmosphere, where Glenn Beck and Kieth Olbermann can both find exactly what they want. Then they can sit down outside across from Lake Menona, and scream past each other while John Stewart orders dessert and takes notes.

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