Monday, April 25, 2011

Sophia's Bakery and Cafe

Tiny space. Big, delicious, and tasty food. That's how I would summarize Sophia's. We have talked about going to Sophia's forever. People tell us it's good, we don't go. People tell us it's great, we still don't go. People say "you must go to Sophia's for breakfast or your life will not be complete" and you guessed it, we don't go. Who knows what got us to finally get over there. Technically it was Easter Sunday so perhaps that was it. It could be that I was wearing bright teal tights and felt like celebrating. Likely that was it.

Anyway, we walked into a restaurant that could not have been bigger than our living room. Oh, you haven't been to our apartment? Eat at Sophia's and you'll have a better understanding. Wait, you haven't gone to Sophia's yet? Vicious circle. The size was stressful to me at first; especially since all of the 5 tables were full. And there was a line. But it worked out (Bob always tells me it will, I always glare at people urging them to hurry up with their food and get out) and we got a table in the back corner after climbing over 3-4 people. I ordered strawberry waffles and with some whipped cream and fruity goodness it was one of the best breakfasts I've had in Madison. Bob got cottage cheese pancakes and I coveted them the entire time. What a genius combination! There were millions of things we could have gotten including a variety of egg dishes, crepes (sooo tempted), and the most beautiful baked goods!

The whole place had a french inspired feel and really, I'm being too harsh about the size and crowded feel. Don't get me wrong-it's suuupppeeer small but the food is more than worth it and if it's nice, get your food to go and eat outside, eat at the park. Eat in your car, the food is spectacular you won't really notice. On a final note- at Sophia's you order your food when you get in but you don't pay until you are on your way out. I guess it's no big deal but it was initially strange. And you have to repeat back what you ordered. Good thing I could not forget the amazingness of my dish if I tried.

Don't be like us! Don't delay in getting to Sophia's. You'll feel european. And completely satisfied.

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