Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Orleans Take Out

If you're in the mood for a Po' Boy or decent gumbo, you should check this place out. But if you live in a city that has winter and Zombie rallies, New Orleans Take Out might be a more suitable choice. I don't know the story about how Madison managed to have a pretty authentic New Orleans style take out place, and the website is frustratingly unhelpful, despite being otherwise thorough. On a side note, you should check out the photo of Brett Favre at NOTO for his 10th wedding anniversary. Interesting they're leaving that up there here in Wisconsin.

Anyway, the food felt genuine, and our order was ready in about 20 min. They seemed pretty laid back, which fed into the NO feel, but they made sure they got our order right despite recording the wrong name. It was also priced appropriately.

Surprisingly, there is another New Orleans style restaurant in Madison, the Bayou. Betsy and I went there when it first opened... and it was pretty bad. Food was relatively tasteless and took forever to come out of the kitchen. To be fair, it had just opened, so maybe they've got their act more together. We haven't reviewed it because we haven't been back. But if you have the choice, do what Brett Favre did. Not that thing, the eating at NOTO thing.

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