Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ugh, I'm sorry to say that the first time we've gone out to eat someplace new lately it was a big fat disappointment. We were so hopeful when we saw the new Brocach open on Monroe Street. It seemed like the perfect fit for the block and brought something a little different. There have been a few failed restaurants lately but this had potential.

We decided our inaugural visit should be during brunch; which they had just started the day we went. I love brunch so sure, my expectations were high. But come on. First of all, service was slow and I SWEAR the wait staff was not older than 13. Really. It was a disturbing scene. But since they were so young they should really have moved faster. Anyway, the pre teens were friendly enough but didn't seem to have a firm handle on what was going on. Ok, fine. It's a new restaurant and brunch hasn't been done before, we'll cut them some slack. But they were out of stuff. On the menu. Which to our knowledge had not been used until that day. HOW could you be out? But I guess the yogurt parfait was not in the cards. I got a scrambler of sorts which was WAY too big and not all that tasty. Bob got bagel and lox which I think he enjoyed (even if he didn't know how to eat it- it was piled THIS high). He liked it. But didn't love it. And really, we deserve love here people.

So, in summary, it was an overpriced, under performing meal. We won't go back. And we'll tell all our friends to skip it. We're so mean.


  1. It's not necessarily mean, just honest. It's a hard line to toe!

  2. Hello Betsy and Bob –
    My name is Cliff McDonald and I am co-owner of the new Brocach Irish Pub on Monroe Street. My business partner and General Manager of our Monroe St location, Melanie Gautreau, is co-authoring this post with me.

    We recently discovered your blog while trying to find some customer feedback regarding our new establishment. We were quite disappointed to read about your experience and we would like to extend our sincerest apologies. We did indeed have a couple of challenging days early on, especially during Brunch, and unfortunately you were on the receiving end of this. We are fairly certain that we could guess the day you visited us, and the server you had. You don’t deserve such an experience.

    It is our opinion that what you experienced was an anomaly. We have been in this business for a long time and we really do know how to create a pleasant customer environment. We take many steps to get honest and critical feedback from our customers and we have a very high level of customer satisfaction – at all of our locations.

    New businesses always have some kinks to work out and we have taken aggressive steps to improve. We would welcome the opportunity to prove to you that we are - at the very least - capable and competent. You said that you would not go back, but hopefully you will reconsider. We hope that you accept our invitation to visit us again. We would like to treat you to another meal at Brocach and we hope and expect to change your opinion. If you are kind enough to give us another chance, please let us know and we will make arrangements to host you.

    Thank you.

    Cliff and Melanie