Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bunky's Cafe

Let me start with this. The inside of Bunky's Cafe reminds me of what the inside of my head might look like, were it possible to see it. I don't really get the "vibe" they are going for...but I like it. It reminds of someone's living room and yet also a kind of italian bakery and yet ALSO a hippy gift shop. Yah, go ahead and imagine what that implies about me.

Anyway, the decor matches the food in a way. There's some italian, some mediterranean and also some more local, midwestern fare. All of which are good and none of which I am complaining about. We went with friends on a Monday night (apparently the first Monday they were ever open for dinner) and enjoyed pineapple....wrapped in bacon....drizzled with mango sauce as an appetizer. Yah, not sure what area of the world invented that but give them the good seats at the summit next time.

Dinner brought the four of us a variety of dishes- I had butternut squash ravioli with a marinara sauce, which was such a perfect fall meal. It had some toubouli in the middle which I found odd...but kind of a good concept. If the sauce weren't as thin I would say go for it. But even though it was thin, I still say go for it. My fellow diners got everything from lamb, to hummus and pita to okra.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and the friendly, welcoming service. The only odd thing was our waitress kept pushing these city tins. Oh well.

Overall, I would absolutely go back to Bunky's. It's fun, it's funky, the price is reasonable, and the food is high quality. Yatta!

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