Friday, August 6, 2010


It's Jamaica meets...America. Obviously. It's also simplicity, taste, and relaxed. We've done the whole take out thing from Jamerica a couple of times but Bob informed me it didn't count until I ate IN the restaurant. So recently, a co-worker and I went for lunch. Take that!

The best thing about lunch? Small menu (printed on small cards). And actually, it's smaller than you might think as there are very few "dishes"- but each comes with chicken, beef, salmon, or tofu. I had the mango rundown tofu and was not disappointed. But I am a sucker for ANYTHING mango. I can not resist. I might also have gotten the mango rundown chicken. or hey, even the mango rundown beef. It had a great flavor and add some red beans and rice? Filling and satisfying. Plus, just being in the place feels very...well...chill (the reggae probably helps with that). Posters on the walls of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan (and Brett Favre- it IS Wisconsin), postcards from around the world and pictures of the owner, families, and guests.

To top it off, as we were getting ready to pay our bill, a staff member stopped by to ask if we wanted to be friends (with the restaurant). If so, we could show our lasting bond by displaying a Jamerica bumper sticker on our car. We gladly took the gift and left.

I have no doubt there will be more Jamerica outings- good food. good people. good prices.

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