Friday, August 6, 2010

Lazy Jane's Cafe and Bakery

Lazy Jane's is packed every weekend at brunchtime. It's packed because it's got a great brunch. Since we had Friday off, we decided to go see what a non-packed Lazy Jane's looked like. It looks, well, non-packed.

Unfortunatly, it might not be packed because the lunch wasn't as good as the brunch. Perhaps I should have known this going in, but sandwich with Bruce Willis as it's namesake is an open-faced cheese and bacon mess. Unfortunately, I don't think Lazy Jane's is up to Bruce Willis. It seemed more like a Stephen Baldwin, different, not too bad, but somehow, unpracticed.

I suppose I go to Lazy Jane's looking for something worthy of Alec Baldwin, which is what they serve for brunch. The menu of delicious veggie-filled omelets, frittatas, good coffee, great pastries is polished and classic, but somehow maintaining an obvious appeal to the young and hip, which of course means me. I know not everyone agrees, but for me, I'd rather wait for a good Alec than walk right into a Stephen.

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