Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Library Cafe and Bar

It's called the Library, but it's not actually in a Library. It has books, but they're mostly crap and they're all there for show. So don't concentrate on the first part of the title. It is, indeed, a cafe and bar. But it's more as well. Witness the following facts:

1 - There's a fireplace with a fake fire going at all times. Also, on top of this fake fireplace is a counter on which you can eat on barstools. This is in the very middle of the cafe.

2 - Around the fireplace are couches, as if this were a cafe in the coffeeshop sense. It's not.

3 - On the walls are televisions tuned to espn, cnn, and who knows what other airport suitable station. This makes me think it might be a bar. But then again, I'm eating there for lunch, so it's not.

4 - There are tables as well, and when you order at the counter you are given a number to display proudly at the table. In this sense, it is a typical cafe.

The food is mostly burgers of various types and several varieties of fries. The Texas burger is a favorite, and one I used to like, until I read an unfortunate Times piece on the ground hamburger industry. Now I tolerate the portobello mushroom sandwich, with pine nuts, pesto, and roasted peppers. A great idea in theory, but often overly oily. Anyway, I'm never disappointed by the spicy fries, so that's something. Also, my alternative for a nearby lunch is subway, the ICU Deli, or QQ Asian Buffet. So not high praise, but praise all the same.

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