Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dobra Tea

I love tea. And as a tea drinker, it's tough to get respect in a city full of coffee houses. Enter Dobra Tea. I met a friend there tonight and I am already planning my next trip. It's some kind of tea heaven. Of course, it's also the kind of thing that would wind up on stuff white people like. But I don't care. It's still great. It's cozy, with little nooks and crannies to talk, to study, to ready, and of course, to drink tea. Other plus- it did not appear to be crawling with students. It was refreshing.

It's casual and relaxed with the right amount of hippy trippy. We sat on a raised platform on the floor with one of those little short tables and plenty of cushions. It's the only way to enjoy tea. The menu is huge, with teas from around the world. Their menu itself is kind of fun- rich, flowery descriptions and a clever system to detect the number of refills you get (you'll just have to go and decipher it for yourself). Plus, they give you a little bell you're supposed to ring when you're ready to order. There can be nothing bad about a place that asks you to ring a bell when you need service. LOVE.

We ordered herbal rooibus chai- something I did not know existed and the experience of the whole tea service was so fun. Cute little pot, cute little cups, great tasting tea. I wish I could have stayed hours longer and tried more and more and more tea. I think for me, tea houses are 99% ambiance.

We also got some food- couscous casablanca and hummus. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I see no reason to make couscous any other way from here on out. Perfectly cooked, filled with nuts and fruit, and a sweet taste (probably due to the honey).

I'm not sure I have anything negative to say about Dobra. They did forget to bring our hummus for awhile, but I'm so over it. I'll be there again soon! Save a cushion for me.

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