Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Old Fashioned

We have frequented the Old Fashioned many times in our tenure here. But recently, if we want their brand of comfort food, we hop on straight 2 your door and have it come to us. Because that place drives me nuts. It's always packed. More than packed. And loud. And they don't take reservations so if you're hungry on a Friday night forget about it. God, do I sound old yet? But honestly, I love the food. I'm just glad I can eat the food in the comfort of my cozy living room.

The Old Fashioned is very Wisconsin and seems to celebrate all that is this state- there is no shortage of meat, beer, and cheese. Which I imagine most natives are probably gaga over. I usually choose the Mac and Cheese..for many reasons. It's got sharp cheddar, sarvecchio, and topped with toasted breadcrumbs. That should be enough reasons. Any number of their sandwiches are also top notch- pulled pork, smoked turkey, build your own burger. Yum. They have some good nightly specials and if they ever aren't stuffed to the gills with locals, it could be a fun after-work spot. It can get pricy but it's high end tavern food and a fantastic location right on the capital square.

I hear they now serve breakfast on the weekdays which I am excited to try- a new adventure for them...and for me!

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