Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taste of the Market Breakfast

Yes, I know that the Dane County Farmer's Market Breakfast is not a restaurant. But from January through April, it might as well be. Every Saturday morning from 8:30 until about 11, DCFM sponsors a community, "taste of the market" breakfast at the Senior Center. It's $7.50 for adults, half that for kids, and worth every penny. Each week a local chef along with student, farmer, and community volunteers prepare and serve the meal. Not only is the food good, but it's usually creative and of course for those of us who struggle deciding with a big menu, this one's easy- your only choice is to identify yourself as a vegetarian or carnivore. I can handle that.

I also like the feel of the breakfast. Lots of people- always busy, communal tables, and if you get a seat on the first floor you can literally reach out and grab some produce from the market stands. It can be cramped and crowded for sure and the system for dropping off your trays drives me nuts (seriously, would a little efficiency hurt anyone?) but it's all in good fun. Local musicians play for a bit in the morning which help it feel all the more lively.

This past weekend was a mediterranean theme:

-Pork and lamb meatball pita with red bean hummus and root vegetable slaw, including beauty heart radishes, carrots, and beets (veggie option was chevre fritters instead of meatballs).
-Wheat berry celery root spinach salad finished with a sumac vinaigrette.
-Apple hickory nut pastry.
-Organic fair trade coffee or tea and cranberry juice.

I opted to be a vegetarian on Saturday which I felt was a good choice- I have a hard time turning down goat cheese. Bob was the meat eater and I think we both came away very happy. I was pleasantly surprised with the tastiness of the sumac vinaigrette. Kudos to Chef Dan and Jason (of the Madison Club) for the good food and good times (though part of that good time is owed to the spectacular people watching available at these things).

The best part? Each week different food, different chefs, different experience.

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