Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indie Coffee

Indie Coffee has always been a coffee house highlight in Madison. However, coupled with a glorious snow day AND waffle wednesday, it has gone above and beyond typical coffee house fame. Thanks to a grand conspiracy between Biddy Martin, Scott Walker and Mother Nature, the city was pretty shut down today. Meaning not only were we two twenty-somethings with a day suddenly free but we were also starving because our microwave broke and we have ungodly amounts of left overs.

Off to Indie we went, trudging through the snow and wishing we had 1) skiis or 2) snowshoes. We were greeted with a friendly face exclaiming "it's waffle wednesday!" Meaning you get $1 off your waffles if you get a hot beverage. I'm still trying to decide if this is actually a good deal or just a clever way to use alliteration.
However, we both got waffles (I the red and white (aka strawberries and whipped cream) and Bob the grasshopper (aka walnuts)) and a hot beverage and sat down. Personally I love sitting by the window so we can play tic-tac-toe on the fogged up windows.
The food did not disappoint. The waffles were fantastic! And so are their breakfast sandwiches. And so are their biscotti. The variety of choices in Indie has always been great- and for a coffee house to have such good food is a rare treat. It's also just a very cozy place. This tea lover loves Indie. And so should you!

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  1. also, a friend was right to point out to me that indie has the best chai in madison! it's true. (thanks becky).