Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ian's Pizza

You know, I have commented, more than once, on the mediocre quality of Italian food in Madison. And I stand by that- there are a couple of gems but by and large they are just so so.

However, I do find that pizza in Madison is excellent. Probably because it's a college town and probably because most pizza in the midwest (or really, in the US) is not so much authentic. We've definitely Americanized pizza. No complaints. But when we get pizza from Ian's, a local favorite, it reminds me nothing of Italy and everything of Madison. By and large, my favorite kind is the mac and cheese. And I am not alone- it's their highest selling slice. But besides the mac and cheese there are always incredibly creative and inventive options. Such as the guacamole burrito pizza, the chicken pot pie pizza, the bbq steak and fries pizza, the drunken ravioli pizza and the farmer's market veggie pizza (wow does that one sound boring now). They have a featured pizza of the week, which keeps things interesting.

It's super affordable, you get huge slices and their salads are actually delicious. No iceberg and carrot shavings business here- try fresh mixed greens, cranberries, and nuts.

This might be my favorite Madison pizza place and I have never heard anyone in Madison say one word against them. It's "so Madison" as I would say. If only they would heed my advice to make beet pizza. Seriously, it could be the new mac and cheese guys.


  1. Mmmm, beets. Have you ever had the Algo Malo from Roman Candle?

  2. ummmmm no but i literally can not WAIT to order it. thanks for the suggestion!