Friday, June 24, 2011

Roman Candle

If I weren't so persnickety about my beets this post would have been a 100% positive post. As it is now, it's a 97% positive post. We have to thank our friends at Eating in Madison A to Z for recommending Roman Candle's Algo Malo pizza, after I bemoaned Ian's Pizza's lack of beet options. Those folks are the real pros at food blogging and criticism...for reals. I'll just get this off my chest now- I was kind of disappointed with the beet density on that pizza. All the ingredients were delicious, fresh (onions, walnuts, garlic, etc). But a few beets here and there does not a beet pizza make. However, as I said, not everyone is focused on quantity when it comes to beets (thus, I only took off 3% points).

Anyway, in our humble opinion (because even a sparsely beet-ed up pizza can't change our view of this place too much) , Roman Candle Pizzeria is one of Madison's best pizza places. They have tasty pizza, unique toppings and homemade spicy sauce. Lots of options for vegetarians (hello, fennel) and carnivores (mmm..sausage). We have ordered from them numerous times and been quite satisfied. We also enjoy eating "in" (well, their Willy Street location) and soaking in the sights of Willy Street. There are several locations in the Greater Madison area and in fact, I'm using them to "cater" a work thing I'm doing in a couple of weeks. Can you cater pizza? Anyway, I like them so much I want to share them with non Madisonians.


  1. I'm glad you tried the Algo Malo! And good observation - beets are so love/hate, it's like, if you're gonna put them on the pizza, go all in. A token beet here and there won't please the beet eaters and the non-beet eaters would never contemplate the thing.

  2. exactly!! i'm an all in kind of girl when it comes to beets :). but i certainly understand i may not be that mainstream when it comes to pink, kind of slimy vegetables :).