Friday, June 10, 2011

Lakeview Bakery and Deli

Always nice to find another lunch place within walking distance of work. A colleague recommended we head to Lakeview Bakery and Deli for lunch after hearing rave reviews so we decided to check it out. We were not disappointed- food was excellent! And I hear it's not just excellent for lunch- apparently breakfast is great too. I'll definitely be testing that theory soon.

They have some nice "box lunch" options where you can get a sandwich, a salad, and a cookie for $7. I went that route- with an amazing spinach and strawberry salad as the side and a tasty turkey guacamole sandwich as the main event. Bread was clearly freshly baked which improved the experience. The salads seem like they change each day, and include pasta, greens and fruit. Hey, as long as the "salad" isn't iceberg lettuce with some shaved carrots, I am happy.

Prices are good, ambience was a little quirky (in a good way), staff was friendly and for a small coffee shop type place in the first floor of a hotel, the food is much better than expected. I have no qualms telling you to go and enjoy!

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