Friday, June 10, 2011

The Tipsy Cow

The first time I noticed the Tipsy Cow had gone into the space previously occupied by King and Mane is when I saw the entrance way painted to look like a cow. Already, I liked it better. However, I learned (after eating there) that the revamping and makeover was done by the same owners who were attempting to revive the business.

I had high hopes heading there for lunch with some co-workers mostly because the name is fantastic and I never got into King and Mane (they used to have great tomato bisque and then for some reason, changed the recipe- probably just to spite me). But the menu is just so-so- lots of fried stuff, everything a la carte, and there is essentially nothing for vegetarians. The fried cheese curds were fantastic- no complaints there (fine, I suppose vegetarians can get their fill of fried cheese). And again, it's not as though the food was bad- in fact, it was decent. I had a turkey sandwich with spicy mustard and bacon. But with all of the gastro pub type places on the square this place really can't measure up. I'm not sure I'll be back but the allure of the cow painted entrance/sidewalk might be strong enough to get another lunch out of me. Time will tell.

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