Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ancora Coffee

Does a coffee shop count as a restaurant? I don't really care, I was just asking. Ancora is down the street from where I work so if I want a snack, a chai (not a coffee drinker) or lately, a tasty sandwich, Ancora is perfect.

Everyone in there is so nice- 1 point. The food and drinks are always fresh and high quality- 1 point. It's a waaayyy better place for a meeting than my office building- 1 million points.

I usually get a chai latte with soy milk (to walk; I really love saying that). I've also been getting the mediterranean panini. wow. they grill it for you, wrap it up in foil and i take it back to my desk and enjoy a hot sandwich with olive tapanade and mozzarella cheese.

Ancora also sells yogurt and fruit parfaits, various scones and muffins and big fat yummy cookies. Plus, all that coffee stuff. Including the clover- an insanely expensive coffee machine (seriously, it's like $11,000) that produces the best coffee ever. or so they say. again, not a coffee drinker.

But Ancora has great variety and while a bit on the pricy side it's a winner. Good food. Good drink. Plus, if you bring in your own mug (which they highly recommend) you get a discount.

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