Saturday, July 10, 2010

La Mestiza

In the small, charming space La Mestiza currently occupies, used to be a...Subway. Wow, talk about an upgrade. When I heard they opened up so close to where I work, I was, to say the least, excited! I went for lunch with a friend and was satisfied. I took Bob for dinner soon after that, and both of us recently had lunch there again after a hot afternoon during Art Fair on the Square.

It's colorful and affordable- two qualities I enjoy. I think the food is "good" not "great" but I really do like the trio de tacos. One steak, shredded pork, one chicken. All good. Throw in some cilantro, some pineapple and onions and it's really a respectable (and cheap) lunch. Besides, with the thick and crispy chips and two types of salsa, you'll have more than enough food. Though, why not get a horchata? I'm not sure. You should get one. It's delicious.

Bob had the platter mexicano and I literally did not even see it disappear off his plate. Apparently it was that good- a taco, a flouta, and a quesadilla. And lots of goodness.

With two locations, it really poises itself as a decent Madison mexican food joint. We've already discussed the downfalls of La Hacienda and the wonders of Tacqueria but if you're in the capital area and want a relaxing, higher than mediocre lunch, stop by and see the super friendly staff at La Mestiza. Get a drink. Enjoy the chips and salsa and pick from a great menu of traditional (with a bit of an anglo flair) options.

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  1. Update- after a recent lunch with a co-worker; I was pretty disappointed to get overdone, slightly stale chips! Alas! Let's hope this was a fluke. Or perhaps it REALLY depends on when you go.