Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dane County Farmer's Market

Another "not technically" a restaurant. But it IS a good place to get food. Enjoy food. And buy food. Sounds like a restaurant to me.

Most people who know about our farmer's market know it's the biggest (dare we say best?) one in the country. Every Saturday around Capital Square dozens and dozens of vendors share their delicious local produce. We go regularly, sometimes just to eat (try the hot, spicy cheesebread!) or sample cheese, or people watch. But of course we also go to prepare for a week's worth of meals. The fare varies depending on season but you can always get home baked pies, bread, pastries, and have I mentioned the hot spicy cheese bread?

The experience is so unique and special- definitely a very "Madison" experience.

Expect to get samples of cheese, sauces, and the occasional raspberry. Plan to spend your cash on the freshest produce and while you wander around the square listen to the street performers and pick up some literature on the latest political controversy. There's really something for everyone. And if you go late enough, you can get some bargains from vendors desperate to get rid of their wares before their trip back home.

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