Friday, July 2, 2010

Glass Nickel Pizza

A pizza joint is usually nothing special. You crave grease and cheese, you call a special number, some is delivered to you. And there are plenty of good pizza places in Madison. But there are three that rise to the top. And today it's about Glass Nickel Pizza. You'll just have to wait to hear about the other two top notch pizza places (ok fine, it's this one and this one).

Glass Nickel has so much variety. It's always a tough choice to pick your pizza. And it's not just pizza- I have enjoyed a calzone (the size of my head), breadsticks, cheese bread, AND cinnamon nubs. Which are as good as they sound. Pizza is so so much more than cheese and sauce at this place. It's a higher art form. The Mediterranean is my favorite, though I always get it without olives. But the Thai Pie is unlike I've ever tasted before (seriously, it feels very strange at first to taste spicy thai flavors on a pizza) and I mean that in only a good way.

The ingredients always taste fresh and online ordering, for whatever reason, really makes me happy. I think your goal should be to work your way through the speciality pizza list. It's all worth it. So what, you'll gain 20 lbs. At least you'll be happy.

The other great thing about the Madison West location is that they offer a new speciality pizza each month. This month? Mac n' cheese. I can't WAIT to check it out.

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