Sunday, June 6, 2010


Barriques- not just for coffee anymore. There's wine, lots of wine, sandwiches, pastries, and a cozy space with steamy windows.

We really like Barriques- for many reasons. At first, it was their Wall of 100- 100 wines under $10. GOOD wines. It was there I discovered the most incredible Malbec. It's not only fun to just browse around and try out some new vintages from time to time, it's a GREAT place for gift shopping. Gifts for weddings, for Christmas, for "thank-yous-for-watching-our-dog,", etc. It feels especially rewarding to get such a good wine for such a good price.

Anyway, after our success with the wine- we went on to their coffee, chai and steamers. It was always fun to stop in (it's just a couple blocks from home) for a drink to warm up and chat. The baristas know what they're doing.

But one time, it was time for lunch and we found ourselves on Monroe Street. It was a hit! The sandwiches were good- the soups were excellent- and the hot beverages, as usual, were delicious. It's pretty impressive that a little coffee shop can cater to so many types- the students with their laptops and books, the ladies night outs- with their bottles of wine, and the families with their kids and cookies.

Besides the fact that once our car was towed while we were inside (we had driven with Bob's parents to get a couple of cases of wine) it has always been a great experience.

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