Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lao Laan-Xang

It's very difficult to say what my favorite restaurant is here in Madison. It's much easier to say X is my favorite "african restaurant" or Y is my favorite "mediterranean restaurant" or even Z is my favorite "asian fusion restaurant." But FAVORITE favorite restaurant? So tough. But I really think Lao Laan-Xang is up there. Perhaps it's the fact that I had never eaten Laotian food before moving to Madison. And I really like the fact that if ever I had a craving for Laotion food I could get some in about 10 minutes. Madison is pretty amazing like that.

Granted I do not have other Laotion food to compare this to, but I can say that the food is fantastic. I usually get the pineapple curry and I swear, it's heavenly. It's SO flavorful-with a complexity that doesn't really confuse me just satisfies me-and the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Usually I find it impossible to get off the fruit train when I'm there so I also get mango juice and for dessert- sticky rice with fresh mango. WHAT?! Amazing. Bob tends to go much more adventurous (the spicy ratings are timid, careful, adventurous, and native Lao) and has tried various soups (which people rave about) and the duck. All had high praise. Bob has a pretty high tolerance for spicy food and usually the spicier the better but even he has topped off at "adventurous" so be warned if you're trying to decide how hot to order your food. And if you get "native Lao" good luck to you and godspeed.

We have heard complaints of slow service but have not really noticed. But then again, we're rarely in a hurry. So if you are, get take out, it's much quicker, but otherwise, just relax already.

Finally- my recommendation is this. Next time you order tickets to a show at the Barrymore get there early and stop in for some dinner. It's popular on show nights so watch your timing as there might be more of a crowd, but it's such a nice way to start or end an evening on Atwood Ave.

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