Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mediterranean Cafe

Arabic tea. I almost feel as though I can stop with this review right now. The Arabic tea is THAT GOOD. Man, I wish I had some right now. I don't even care that it's summer or 85 degrees. And if you knew me; that's saying something.

Anyway, while the Arabic tea is amazing (and I still haven't found a recipe online that satisfies me) the restaurant is pretty great too. The first thing that really strikes you is the all the postcards when you walk in. People all over the world send postcards to Med Cafe to say hi. Pretty friendly place. You order first, sit down second and the line is almost always out the door. If you're going for lunch, go early. There are very few seats and very many options on the menu.

Whatever I order comes with hummus; whether it be chicken, lamb, or falafel, and the warm pita bread is pretty amazing. The falafel plate is spicy and will be sure to please vegetarians. Of course, the lamb hummus plate will NOT please vegetarians but is good anyway. I do wish they accepted credit cards (I never have cash on me...warming to you potential muggers) and it would be nice to have a little more room. But the food is really worth it- and the decor. Feels very european. Though, if you don't like to hang out with students (it's near campus and quite a favorite) I would avoid going during....waking hours.

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