Friday, June 4, 2010

Cafe Costa Rica

It's never a wasted trip going to see the Mango Man at Cafe Costa Rica. It's a tiny little place with a very tiny "dining room" and some rickety outdoor seating. The specials are always tasty so if you go, don't be put off by the simple and small menu- get the special.

Here's the thing. I had no idea what Costa Rican food was like before this place. I figured it was Mexican with a twist. I was wrong. And yet, I was a little right. Costan Rican food is...more...well...tropical. Seriously, it tastes more tropical than Mexican food- but you get the usual tacos, burritos and what not. Except they are not usual! They are delicious.

Now, it's not the most vegetarian friendly place- but you can get pretty full on spinach empanadas. Which by the way, are my absolute favorite thing on the menu. Well, that and the cheese empanadas. And the potato empanadas. Ok, fine, it's a tie.

While you may refer to it as a hole in the wall, it's got good food and winning specials (though I think most things are overpiced so be warned!). So why not go and enjoy the Mango Man and his delicious cooking. And get dessert- I've never had dessert and I really want to know what it's like.

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