Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cooper's Tavern

Small (or perhaps big?) disclaimer. I know and work with one of the owner's of this place. And she is amazing. But, let's be serious. So is the food. The ambiance. The beer and wine list. The snug.

Cooper's opened back in January and I'm proud to say I'm working my way through the menu pretty well. Several lunches, many dinners, a few happy hours. It's a warm inviting place with beautiful wood paneling and bar top. The staff is friendly and the owner is often there, welcoming guests with a pretty charming irish accent.

My favorite: the turkey sandwich. It has a heavenly pear slaw that we have tried to recreate on our own. I dream about that stuff. Other dreams are full of frites and yummy soup in a shot glass. Bob says great things about the reuben and each and every salad was fresh and flavorful (amy's salad probably took the cake for me). So finding something to eat is not exactly difficult. The menu is not overwhelming or too big- and it has a nice balance of local ingredients (and local favorites).

Want someplace to hang out? Watch a soccer game? Get a drink? Enjoy outdoor eating on the capital square? Go to Cooper's. Be happy. We were!!

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