Friday, June 25, 2010

The Great Dane

I have eaten at the Great Dane so many many times. It's right across from work; and it's a popular lunch spot for me and my colleagues.

The food is good, served quickly, reasonably priced, and if you are lucky to go during non working hours, the beer list is great (it's a micro-brewery; need I say more?). It's pretty typical pub food- sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups and what not. I have quite a few favorites:

chicken caesar wrap
mayan chicken wrap
wisconsin style cheddar mac
west african peanut stew
hot soft pretzels

I just really enjoy eating here. It's a fun atmosphere (at night too- lots of pool tables and rowdiness), friendly staff and a fabulous outdoor seating area called the Garden. I've gone there for working lunches, for happy hours, for drinks, for dinner with friends; it's a quality all around kind of place. I think if I never worried about my cholesterol I would get the cheddar mac each and every time- mostly for the crispy sourdough crumbs on top and the side of hot soft pretzel. But since I DO worry, or at least care, I usually opt for a wrap in the summer and a soup in the winter.

The Hilldale location is rumored to have a great weekend brunch; but I have yet to check it out. However, I'm really satisfied with the near by-I'd-go-there-everyday-if-I-wasn't-poor-and-afraid-to-be-judged 'dane.

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